Webpage to PDF

GET /webpage/pdf


Parameter Description Type Required Default
url Webpage url string yes
format Page format string no a4
width Paper width, accepts values labeled with units (e.g. 400px) string no
height Paper height, accepts values labeled with units (e.g. 1200px) string no
media CSS media type of the page string no null
layout Page layout string no portrait
ttl Number of seconds to keep a screenshot in the cache number no 604800 (1 week)

Format values

a3, a4, a5, legal, letter, tabloid

Media values

print, screen, null

Width/height units

px, in, cm, mm

Layout values

landscape, portrait


Parameter Description Type
id File id String
name File name String
size File size String
url Download URL String

File id can be used to download the file using download API.

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