Introducing Echo

// Vishal Rana //
echo golang announcement

Today, we are excited to announce Echo, a fast HTTP router and micro web framework in Go with no GC overhead (zero dynamic memory allocation). Echo was born to cater the need of a fast and flexible HTTP router with ability to easily hook variety of middleware and handler functions available in the Go community.

Key Features

  • Fast and flexible router.
  • Extensible support for middleware and handler.
  • Handy functions to render HTTP response.
  • Sub-router/Groups
  • Build-in support for:
    • Static files
    • WebSocket
  • Centralized HTTP error handling.

GitHub API Benchmark

Echo: 43700 ns/op, 0 B/op, 0 allocs/op # April 1, 2015

Echo is hosted on GitHub - Go ahead, download it and run some examples.